Rivet is a sheet metal workshop

Providing a fundamental service through the fabrication and installation of traditional products such as stainless steel benchtops and aluminium flashings. However, they’re much more than just that.

If you know what you want...but you’re not quite sure how to get there - let Rivet help.

Leaders in sheet metal, providing you with design, manufacturing and engineering solutions.

The team at Rivet have the engineering pedigree and creative talent to produce bespoke products and finishes that furnish some of the most iconic buildings and homes in New Zealand.


Rivet’s most popular tank is the Raglan range. Designed and manufactured in Taranaki, this tank range is rugged, reliable and light weight and built to stand harsh and varied weather conditions.

Weighing just 47kg when empty (400L), Raglan tanks are both easy to handle and install. This product has been on the market for 22 years and has a 5-year product warranty, meaning it’s a reliable tank to have on your farm.

Rivet also provide a custom design, build and order service for a wide range of industries and construction standards, such as:

  • food and beverage
  • oil and gas
  • automotive  
  • agriculture

Enquire today about our range of certified 1,000L methanol tanks.

Raglan tanks tanks


Whether it’s for your home or commercial use, Rivet has endless options for stainless steel bench tops.

You may be wondering; what kind of finish do I want? Do I want a splashback and a swaged edge? Maybe an undermount welded sink? Or a waterfall bench.

Whatever finish, style or added feature you’re after, Rivet will deliver to your needs.

industrial commercial stainless kitchen benching Benches

 Bench top finish options include:

  • classic polish
  • mirror polish
  • brushed 
  • embossed linen

They also manufacture a variety of additional stainless steel kitchen products including:

  • kick panels / kickboards
  • wine racks
  • cupboard door cladding
  • element hot plate surrounds
  • rangehoods
  • flue pipe extensions

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Rivet can assist you with any commercial, industrial, architectural or home handrail request.

Styles range from traditional galvanised pipe & polished stainless tube through to modern options such as rectangular steel with a powder-coat finish of your choice. Copper and brass options available.

  • complete stainless steel balustrading
  • stainless steel glass balustrading
  • stainless steel wire balustrading
  • stainless steel wrought and light gauge handrails
  • wall mounted handrails
1P0A1965 51

Custom Cabinetry

Rivet provides a custom-design and build cabinetry service.

Fabrication options include stainless steel, aluminium or mild steel with a powder coated finish. 

Bespoke build options include but are not limited to:

  • single door or multiple doors
  • equipment mounting plates (gland plates)
  • cabinets with latch
  • cabinets with locks
  • louvres and windows

If specified, custom orders can be made to comply with hazardous area codes and other legal requirements or standards.

electrical cabinet stainless Custom cabinetry

All orders are custom built to the requested size and can house a range of equipment such as:

  • switchgear
  • metering equipment
  • computer control boards
  • safety gear
  • firefighting apparatus


Some of our previous work includes fabricated cabinets installed in spaces such as:

  • commercial workshops
  • dairy factories
  • hygienic food production facilities
  • petrol-chemical sites  
  • oil rigs
  • services

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Rivet design, manufacture and install complete ducting ventilation systems in accordance with customer requirements. 

Their ducting made-to-order service operates from the New Plymouth factory (the region’s only dedicated ducting workshop), predominantly working across Taranaki and the North Island region.

Drawings are typically supplied by the customer, then a quote is produced.

Fabrications include (but are not limited to):

  • plenum boxes
  • grilles
  • fabricated round duct
  • attenuators and filter box
  • ventilation duct and hood
  • fume extraction hood
Galv ducting
Flue parts

Flue Pipes

Rivet manufactures and distributes a large range of the following:

  • flue pipes
  • cowls 
  • casing covers
  • ceiling plates
  • offsets 
  • bends 

All of the above products are available in both galvanised steel and stainless steel.  

100mm - 350mm are standard “off-the-shelf” products, where bespoke items are made to customer specifications.

Playgrounds and street art furnishings

After producing the award-winning curved stainless steel panels on the Len Lye building, it was a simple transition for Rivet to fabricate a quality children’s slide, at a competitive price, right here in New Zealand. 

Rivet can deliver:

  • Playground equipment, including slides for kids or adults
  • Street art furnishings
stainless slide playground


Interior installations for your home or commercial space.

Rivet is proud to have worked on the most beautiful interior design installations in New Zealand, with popular claddings including aged copper, aged brass and the exclusive Rivet Blued Steel©.

Ever-changing technology and trends mean Rivet are constantly researching and experimenting with new claddings, coatings and patinas. 

Rivet Blued Steel© is the product of years of testing, research and development - honing the steel passivation process to an art form. 

Rivet Blued Steel© is a sleek and formidable interior cladding, with an industrial but contemporary appeal. It’s versatility means it can be made suitable for a high-end Auckland bar, or perfect for your very own home. 

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Exterior installations for your home or commercial space.

Rivet also design and manufacture a range of architectural exterior products for you to enjoy for your home or commercial and industrial space.

Whether you’re looking for classic aluminium louvres or an entire house cladded in Corten steel, Rivet will help you achieve it.

corten interior design industrial architectural bespoke cladding installations

Commercial Distilleries

Rivet’s services also include commercial distillery steel manufacturing.

They have proudly contributed towards the manufacturing of BeGin distillery (home of Taranaki’s award-winning Juno Gin) and more recently, the show-stopping Whisky Southland Distillery, Hokonui Moonshine Still.

With experience in hydro-forming spherical vessels and developing exotic metals like copper, stills are a natural centrepiece for Rivet. They provide a company that has the skills and inclination to make something special, with a platform to really showcase what they can do.

Juno gin distillery copper stainless
Profile cut hawk powdercoated aluminium over corten steel


Corten is a robust, versatile and economical weathering steel. Because the material develops a protective patina of rust, it holds benefits over a more traditional mild steel as it prevents it from deteriorating.

Corten is commonly used for items such as planter boxes, architectural installations, fences, sculptures, letterboxes, signage, garden art and much more. 

Put pencil to paper and let Rivet help make your vision a reality.